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NerdKits Site is Back!!

In case any fellow NerdKit owner is out there reading this, the site is back up…  Well partially right now.  Currently none of the member areas (Forums, Library, Member page) load.  I just get a 503 Error.  Also on the … Continue reading

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To fellow Nerdkit users…

Many of you may have noticed the website has been offline for over a day now.  Do not worry though, the site is not going to disappear, they are just having some problems that they are working to fix.   I … Continue reading

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Update to the JY-MCU 3208 Lattice clock

I had a comment from Håkon Nessjøen stating that he had success in shrinking the code to fit in the standard mega8 onboard.  He stated that he had removed the links to the vprintf and vscanf libraries in the makefile and the code shrunk dramatically.  Thanks Håkon for … Continue reading

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Beginning of JY-MCU-3208 code

Let me preface this post with the statement that the code found here is written with the assumption of a modified display (larger mcu and higher speed crystal). It also uses an LM34 Temperature IC placed where the DS18B20 would … Continue reading

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Dealextreme JY-MCU 3208 LED display

I’ve always been attracted to blinky objects… As I’m sure you can tell from my earlier posts. Well, a few months ago, I came across another LED array panel that caught my eye. The array touted a 32 x 8 … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the 16 Row Display.

The parts have arrived for the interface board and I was able to squeeze enough time to begin the next step, making the display double tall – 16 rows. I knew the 1st hurdle was going to be hardware so … Continue reading

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An oops moment.

After making my last post, and doing a bit more research, I found a 3-8 decoder that doesn’t invert the output (74HC238).  I purchased some of these and will use them in the 16 row builds.  I should be able … Continue reading

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Led display to go 16 x 40

My next step with the LED Array panels will be to make it double tall (16 x 40).  However to do this, I will have to double my row control lines from 8 to 16 while still providing output for … Continue reading

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LED Matrix Update.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the displays I have now added the links to the seller to their posts.

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8 X 80 LED Matrix

This is a continuation of the 8 X 40 LED Matrix Post.  You can purchase them while they last at KP’s Surplus.  So if you want to get more of the electronic details, read that 1st. Well, I received my … Continue reading

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