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New board for I2C LCD Backpack

Anyone who has seen my unfinished post about the I2C LCD backpack probably thinks that is a long time forgotton project. Not really, I just wanted to take it a step farther than I had and didn’t. That is until … Continue reading

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8 X 80 LED Matrix

This is a continuation of the 8 X 40 LED Matrix Post.  You can purchase them while they last at KP’s Surplus.  So if you want to get more of the electronic details, read that 1st. Well, I received my … Continue reading

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8 X 40 LED Matrix

I happened across an 8×40 LED Matrix at a surplus store online (You can get them while they are available at KP’s Surplus) that I thought could be of interest, so I bought one. The display panel appears to have been part … Continue reading

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