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Adapter Board for Smart LCD Controller to Printrboard

I did a quick design of an adapter board to take the 14 pin connector from the Printrboard to connect to the two 10 pin connectors on the RepRap Smart LCD Controller. This will give you the display and encoder … Continue reading

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Schematics and files for my LCD controller for Printrboard

As promised yesterday, I have bundled up a zip with all the files needed to have your own board manufactured. The zip includes the following: This PNG file showing what the finished product should look like. The 9 Gerber files … Continue reading

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My version of the Printrboard LCD Controller

Well, I designed the board, routed it, checked it, and sent it out to be fabbed… Got my boards in and built one only to realize, I had made an error :(. I got my 5V and GND connections reversed. I … Continue reading

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Printrboard LCD

Recently I purchased a Printrbot Simple Metal and have been learning the art of 3D printing.  One thing I realized up front was the benefit of having an LCD display on the printer to show status and allow for menu … Continue reading

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