Sad NK Update

UPDATE 4/26/2013:

Apparently I spoke too soon…  While their forums appear to be up, and I was able to post on the evening of the 22nd, I noticed right away that the library section was not functioning.  I also noticed that after the few initial posts, the forums seemed totally inactive.  I originally attributed this to the possibility that people just weren’t aware the site was back.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case…

I got an email from a friend of mine, that I had communicated with in the past outside of the forums.  He stated that when he tried to logon, to post on there site, an error was generated and displayed.  His frustration level is very high at this time.  I decided that I would create a new post, and find out just how many people were back, and able to post there.  At this time I discovered that now I can no longer post either.  While the forums are there to read, posting doesn’t work.  Now I know why the forums have been so inactive.

I at one time had HIGH regards for the NerdKit originators.  They showed passion and friendly helpfulness.  Now, they don’t even respond to email and they apparently don’t care too much about the people that have supported them along the way.

On 4/20, I sent this email:

Humberto or Mike,

Guys, C’mon.  It’s been over a week and a half since your site went down.  While you managed to get the static pages of your site back up, as you know, the forums, libraries, members section, and store are still down.  I have been a long time supporter of the Nerdkit community.  I like others are pretty disappointed at the level of response we are seeing.  Little to no communication for those sending you questions via the support email addresses, no generic broadcast email to all members apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining the situation, not even a blurb about it on the main front page once you did get the static pages back up.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad, just disappointed.  When I came to this community, you were both (Mike & Humberto) active participants.  You would both on occasion post to peoples threads, and you routinely added new tutorials.  As time has gone by, Mike has all but disappeared from the site, and the postings, even in the support threads, has become very rare.  The NK Newsletter that was a monthly thing, became every few months, to now nearly a year has gone by since the last one.  The last tutorial was nearly a year ago as well.  Based on my communication with others, even messages sent to support@… don’t always get a response (even before this crash).   It seems that you saw the forums had become self sustaining.  Mainly because of the support of members like Noter, Pcbolt, Ralphxyz, esoderberg, and myself to name a few.  Even as it has become painfully obvious that your hardware is becoming obsolete (current cable doesn’t have drivers for win8), we still hear nothing. 

Your community is getting frustrated and concerned.  I have communicated with a few of them and one person, who is quite the regular on the forums stated in his last email to me:

I am really getting turned off … so I think I will just move on.

It is just so disrespectful, or maybe they lost all of the forum email.

Too bad I have really enjoyed and appreciated the forum.

I like many others willingly paid way over market value for your kit, because of the support behind it.  Now it seems that may even be failing.  I’d like to believe that isn’t so, but from what has been gradually happening over time, and with the length of time the site has been down, it may be true.

I don’t know if all this is falling on deaf ears or if I’ll even get a response, but I’m hoping you will still communicate.

Rick Shear, NerdKit owner

I have as of yet to get a response.

Sad days indeed.

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