Adapter Board for Smart LCD Controller to Printrboard

I did a quick design of an adapter board to take the 14 pin connector from the Printrboard to connect to the two 10 pin connectors on the RepRap Smart LCD Controller. This will give you the display and encoder functionality like in the official Printrbot LCD. The reset, buzzer, and SD Card will not function as those signals are not broken out on the Printrboard’s 14 Pin EXP2 Header.

The adapter board measures 3cm x 5cm and looks like this.

The Schematic is pretty simple, just three connectors and some mounting holes.

As with the Full controller, I’ve bundled the files needed for construction into a ZIP file for download.

You can get the files HERE

EDIT 5-29-2016:  The download file has been updated to include the board perimeter in a GKO file.  Hope that will help possible builders.

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13 Responses to Adapter Board for Smart LCD Controller to Printrboard

  1. James Fordham says:

    Hi Rick,

    I hope your still active and receive emails for comments?

    I would like to attached a full graphic LCd to my Printrbot Metal Plus, but I would like the full function of the LCD, Buzzer, Reset and SD. Do you know if this is possible? Are the pins broken out on the Printrboard anywhere?

    If you can provide any help that would be awesome.


    • Rick_S says:

      I apologize for the long delay in approval and response. I have been quite lax in keeping up with my blog. To answer your question, to my knowledge, there is no way to use a graphic LCD with any revision of the Printrboard except the newest G2 board and I don’t think they’ve released a display for it yet (Though one might be able to be adopted to it) I don’t have a G2 board to verify though if the simple metal firmware would support the LCD out of the box.

      The Rev D & F boards do not have all the pins broken out to support the SD card, I’m not sure about the buzzer, reset is available. I’m no expert programmer, but I have also run into a problem just trying to compile and get the code to fit in the available memory on the Printrboard. If you want full graphic, working with a reprap board might be the direction you would want to pursue.

      • James Fordham says:

        Hi Rick,

        Thanks for getting back to me. I actually forgot I’d posted here, lol. I’ve also not taken it any further anyway and stuck with using OctoPrint.


        • Rick_S says:

          No problem. I use octoprint as well with my printer. I still like the character LCD though as a quick reference to where the printer is at during a print job.

  2. Jeff Chap says:

    I wanted to print a run of the adapter boards, using OSH Park but it seems that is missing .gm1 or .GKO i.e. the board outline layer. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

    • Rick_S says:

      I believe the GKO is just a layer with only the perimeter path of the board. I just created a layer for the perimeter and output a GKO file. It is now in the zip with the other production files. Please re-download and let me know if it works.

      Also, I never built these boards myself because I went with the full display board. While I do expect the adapter board will work without issue, please double check the schematic and layout before connecting to your printrboard. Again, these are not a proven design, and I accept no responsibility for any issues or damage that could occur if there is a fault in the design or a cable is connected improperly.


      • Jeff Chap says:

        Thanks for the advice. I did check it out first and it went along with my own notes nicely. It seems that OSHPark didn’t know what file to use for the perimeter. So I just found it in Eagle and renamed it. So the boards are on there way hopefully they we be better than the buggy protoboard Ive been using. And if you know anyone that might need there a copy I have couple extra to spare.


  3. Aaron says:

    What does the yellow dots that are connecting the green and yellow mean?

    • Aaron says:

      Yellow and green wires*

    • Rick_S says:

      If you are referring to the small yellow circles at the end of each trace, those are called via’s and they connect the top layer of the circuit board with the bottom layer.

      • Aaron Lu says:

        The dots that are connecting the green and yellow wires together.

        • Rick_S says:

          Those are the via’s. They connect the traces on the top side of the circuit board “Yellow wires” to the traces on the bottom of the circuit board “Green Wires”. They pass the electrical connection from the top of the board to the bottom.

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