8×40 LED Matrix Display Projects

This page will be a compilation of all the posts I have had on the 8 x 40 LED matrix.  I have always had an attraction to animated LED displays and as a result, when I discovered these, I had to have one (errh… or should I say four 😀 ).

Below are the links to all the posts to date for this project.

  1. The original post for the 8 x 40 display.
  2. The second iteration the 8 x 80 display.
  3. The description of things to come (16 x 40) and wiring connections for the circuit.
  4. Updated info on IC I will use for 16 x 40 and with luck the 16 x 80.
  5. Future – 16 x 40 post.
  6. Future – 16 x 80 post.

2 Responses to 8×40 LED Matrix Display Projects

  1. Ricardo says:

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if you could help me with an 8×32 Lattice-Breakout display.
    I can not get it to turn on arduino, I wait for your answer and thanks for your time.

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