Well, where to begin…

I have been an electronics enthusiast my entire life though never had much formal training.  My extent of formal training came from 1 semester I attended at DeVry University in the mid 80’s…  So not much.

I have tinkered with and played with various simple circuits for years, and also dabbled in computer programming… though like in electronics mostly self taught.

Then a few years ago, I became introduced to the world of micro-controllers.  These fascinating little devices were amazing, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

This “blog” is inteded to be my way of giving back or helping out those who are new to the world of micro-controllers, specifically at this time, Atmel AVR micro-controllers.

Any comments to the blog will not immediately post and must be approved by me before they will be seen.  This will hopefully eliminate spam posts.


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  1. Angelo van Oudheusden says:

    Hi Rick, glad I have found your site and your welcoming words how you got into electronics. I am from the Netherlands and I think I am at the same level here. I always played around with electronics and when I was very young I already played with a bulb and battery’s 🙂 and now drawing and making circuitboards and programming PIC’s via flowcode and create electronics for fun..

    Here my thing… a few days ago I found a project I wanted to make on nerdkits.. I learned pretty quick the founders have moved on and no biggy but I cannot figure out how to get a project on a MCU.. honestly I found these mcu’s as arduino for a few bucks and a usb programmer for even less.. just the cristal is different but if that is what I need to change well that’s not too bad.. I also found an c code I unraflled and want to start play with but….. I discovered I need files as ‘library’s’ (? 🙂 )…. now since this website is not providing these anymore can you help me with these? and maybe your knowledge about using arduino boards with the 168 chip..

    I have a motorcycle with this old can bus signal and me and a few friends are looking for this as a fun gadget (and I need to make it of coarse ).. I have enough electronic junk to build some fun here..
    this is the project. http://www.nerdkits.com/videos/obdii/

    I actually also am looking to get a rpm and speed pulse out of it but that would be something for later care…

    hope you can give me some insight! just an email would be most helpful already!
    Thanks. Regards, Angelo.

    • Rick_S says:

      Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been a bad host and hadn’t checked comments in a while. If you see this, feel free to message me again and I’ll try to talk you through whatever issues you may have if I can.


  2. Sean says:

    Hi Rick,
    Would you be interested in selling that old Gibson amp? I’m looking for an old small tube amp for the apartment and my buddy had one of these years ago. If so, shoot me an email.
    Sean. (Toronto)

  3. Mark Friesen says:

    I found this site. I thought you’d like to see his work with the DX.com Clock

    – DEAD LINK MARKED OUT http://www.radikaldesig.com/

    Check out the mod on this Youtube vid:


    I like your blog. I hope you like my links.

  4. Eric says:

    Rick contact me

    • Ankush says:

      Hi Rick,

      I have purchased Nerdkits and seen your this site as well and found your posts resourceful. I could not get 8×40 board on the web but have Sure electronics 32×16 board DE-DP14112 and looking for library which will run on my Nerdkit.

      Could you please help me ?

      Thanks in advance.


      • Rick_S says:

        I’m sorry Ankush, I have no first hand experience with the 32×16 displays from Sure Electronics. I do not have any code developed for them or I would be glad to help. However, these displays have been around for some time and I’m sure searching the web, you should be able to find sample code you could use with your NerdKit.


  5. David Snyder says:


    You have a great site here!

    I noticed a real slowdown on the NK forums over the last couple weeks. I have a thread going on EEPROM, and was able to post just fine 3 days ago. I went to post a little bit ago, and got error messages again…I tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I attempted to start a new thread, just to test things out…nothing. Are you aware of this?


    • Rick_S says:

      I just tried to post in your thread and got a bunch of server side errors. Looks like they are down again. I was somewhat afraid of this when the library never came back.

      • David Snyder says:

        Thanks for checking. To be honest, I was afraid of this as well given the length of time the site was down last time, lack of communication and the libraries not coming back. I sent an email to Humberto last night…we’ll see if I get a response. Probably wouldn’t hurt for more people to send emails as well, to show we are still interested in the site.


  6. Darryl says:

    Hi Rick
    You have a very nice web site here, interesting and inforamative. Thanks for the link from the Nerkits forum. It is reasuring to knowthat if anything more permanet ever happed to the Nerkit site I sill would have some way to

    • Rick_S says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve tried to keep up with it somewhat. With the temporary loss of the NK forums it became a portal for my communication. When I wasn’t sure if things were ever going to be back 100% there, I decided I should try to save some of my more referred to posts in a location I have a little more control of.

      Thanks for visiting, and check back every now and then. There isn’t always something new, but when there is, it may be fun.


  7. Normann says:

    Great site!

    I’ve just bought the JY-MCU, and wanted you to know that for people like me, who are just beginning to learn embedded electronics and AVR, this site is pure gold! Thank you so much for taking the time to post and upload stuff like this.

    Greetings from Norway!

  8. Jason Lewis says:

    Hi Rick,

    Just thought I’d let you know that there seems to be something wrong with the css on your site. if you select text, the selection is not visible. i.e. its colour does not change as you select it. (well, its almost visible in dark blue, but very hard to see)

    Thanks for the great site. I’m following your lead on the JY-MCU 3208 LED display.


    • Rick_S says:

      Either I’m not understanding what you are saying or it’s a difference in browsers. I am using IE 9 and if I select text it’s bacground becomes white. Let me know what browser you are using and where you are seeing the issue and I’ll see if I can figure it out. Sometimes it’s hard to get the themes just right for everyone. Thanks for letting me know about the issue though.

      I hope to get back involved with the displays and general microcontroller fun a bit later this year. Summer usually keeps me away from it a bit.


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